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A Treadwell mystery series

Murder/Mystery for Adults

There’s a story behind the creation of each book series.

Cynthia Treadwell is a seventy-year-old sleuth. Youthful, spry, and undaunted, she loves nothing more than tramping through the countryside in search of the perfect shot. But, what she occasionally finds is a dead body. As a prime witness, she also becomes a prime target. Even then, she forges ahead with an unflappable spirit.


To a certain degree, I have modeled Cynthia Treadwell’s personality and physical description after myself. I love writing this series as much as my readers enjoy reading it. 

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The Redemption of the Dead

Book #3

A hitman, known only as Charlie, returns to Bedford for the sole purpose of eliminating Benjamin Carter. Charlie framed two teenage boys for the 1971 murder of wealthy, Jane Carter. Throughout the police investigation, the boys maintained their innocence, pointing fingers at a man named Charlie .
But Carter is not the only one in Charlie's gunsights.. He soon discovers that Cynthia Treadwell, the teenagers' housemother at the Group Home for Boys, claims her boys were falsely charged. Now, she poses a threat to Charlie's freedom as well.

Twenty-five years later, a phone call from an unknown source draws Charlie back to Bedford. Here, he devises a diabolical plan to dispose of both Cynthia Treadwell and Benjamin Carter. But a Visitor has kept in touch with the boys, now men, and they have developed their own foolproof plan. The Redemption of the Dead has twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

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The Face in the Water

Book #1

In this gripping story of suspense and deceit, Cynthia Treadwell is the sole witness to the body of a man with his face in the water.

An amateur photographer, she discovers the body during an early morning photo shoot along Muddy Creek. With her cell phone in a dead zone, she takes images of the body to establish location. Knowing the police must be notified, Miss Treadwell leaves the area to make the call. Within minutes, she sustains a concussion following a car accident. Doubt arises when she presents a confusing account of the events that took place. The police find no evidence to corroborate her claim either on her camera or at the scene she describes along Muddy Creek. Surprising details emerge placing their witness in danger. Twists and turns abound leading to an unexpected ending.

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The Man at the Ruins

Book #2

To avoid sharing an inheritance with his children, Grayson Matthews carefully devises a plan. When three people go missing, the unflappable Miss Treadwell finds herself in the midst of a diabolical triangle which requires her formidable resources if lives are to be saved and the murderer brought to justice.

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Julie G

  “This is a very intense and fast paced mystery. Characters are well developed. There are many twists and turns in this story with a surprise ending.”


“The Face in the Water had me riveted and kept me guessing until the end. This book has characters you would love to meet.”
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