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the adventures
in time series

Fantasy/Adventure (Ages 9-14)

There’s a story behind the creation of each book series.

Reece and Sean meet the Professor (think Dr. Who of the British TV series) when he steals Bear from their backyard. Then, with supernatural strides, he races back to his time machine with the dog tucked under his arm.

Incensed, Reece and Sean give chase finding him in what appears to be a hut. Except this hut has a wall filled with blinking lights. The Professor informs them this is a time machine and they absolutely must depart or be transported to a time one hundred sixty years in the past. Refusing to leave without their dog, they are transported to a place where they face the unknown with bravery and ingenuity.

Reece, 12, and Sean, 10, (their real names) are very special friends of mine. I wrote this book with these two delightful children in mind.

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The Door into Time

Book #1

Reece and Sean give chase through the woods desperately attempting to rescue their dog, Bear, from the gigantic man who has stolen him. Suddenly, they find themselves inside a dome-shaped hut totally invisible from the outside. When they confront the thief, who calls himself Professor, he warns them to leave before the door closes. But in the course of the confrontation, time runs out and the door silently slides shut. After it eventually reopens, Reece and Sean break free and rush in the direction of home to enlist help. Home and their entire neighborhood have disappeared! What they do find is a ragged, dirty boy near to starvation. His story is an incredible tale ending with the Professor and Bear being locked in a room by village people who are frightened of him. Now, it's up to Reece and Sean to rescue him and their dog without being caught lest they end up beside him. Yet even if they are able to rescue the Professor and Bear, there is considerable doubt that the Professor can reprogram his time machine to return them home again!

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Rescued in Time

Book #2

The lives of three children, ages ten, five, and three, hang in the balance in the next Adventures in Time series. When Reece, Sean, and Bear become separated from the Professor and his miniature robot, ANNA, they meet thirteen-year old Dillon, who runs a country market stand. It seems an innocent enough place until two men riding horseback appear then Dillon appears terrified. Once the men leave, Dillon begs Reece and Sean to deliver a horse-drawn wagon to a town called Franklin. Against their better judgment, the twelve and ten year old agree wherein Dillon instructs them in the fine art of managing a horse-drawn cart. Partway to Franklin, they realize that there are people hidden underneath the layer of apples, but who are they? That mystery is quickly forgotten when the two men on horseback overtake and threaten them. Bear frightens them off, but at Franklin Miss Katherine asks them to take the next leg of the journey. This time there is no room for their protective dog. When their wagon breaks down, they are forced to take cover. The moment they discover the mystery inside the wagon, they also hear the men on horseback approach. When Reece's plan for escape fails, Samantha steps in to save them and complete the mission. All that remains is to return to the time machine. But will ANNA be able to override the time machine's navigational system and get them back home again?

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Julie G

  “This is a very intense and fast paced mystery. Characters are well developed. There are many twists and turns in this story with a surprise ending.”


“The Face in the Water had me riveted and kept me guessing until the end. This book has characters you would love to meet.”
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