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hey there

Welcome to my website! All the books I’ve written are here for you to view. It’s helpful to be able to sample a book, so feel free to request the first chapter of any book and I’ll be more than happy to send it to you.

I’d love to hear from you so you are very welcome to email me. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website!  

All About Me

My name is Kathleen but everyone calls me Kathy.

Spending the first twelve years of my life on a dairy farm in central Ohio was very grounding. The fall after I turned twelve, my family moved to a twenty-six-acre property where a chestnut horse grazed in the pasture. The previous owners couldn’t take Red with them, so he became my horse.

Our twenty-six-acre property is the setting for the Pony Investigators series. The main characters, Amy Jo and Becky, are a great deal like Karen, my sister, and me.

My son, Steve, is high functioning autistic. Throughout his childhood, I knew he was highly intelligent and creative, but there was a uniqueness about him that wasn’t diagnosed until years later. With the Lancelot Maddox series, I’ve based Lancelot’s personality and behavior on my son’s uniqueness. When I write about Lancelot, I write it through the eyes of my son.

We moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania when Steve was three. Even though, I missed my Ohio family, I’ve loved living here. Sadly, my marriage ended. I met my future husband then remarried the following year. Twenty months later, we welcomed our daughter. My daughter, Lauren, is an artist. We’re travelling companions and girlfriends.

Two years ago, I decided to write A Treadwell Mystery series. Cynthia Treadwell and I share some of the same habits and characteristics.  She loves morning tea and toast the same as I do. I love writing this series. The books are clean and a bit reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s books.

The saddest period of my life was watching Karen die of Glioblastoma, a deadly brain tumor. Carrie Rickert interviewed me concerning the experiences I had during those months. The podcast has been added to the website for those who would like to listen to it.

I am active on Quora where over 209M viewers were kind enough to read what I wrote or posted. I have a space on Quora which you may find interesting. I’m also active on Facebook and Instagram.


Thank you for visiting my website!

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